Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Relaxed Hair Or Natural Hair?

With going natural seeming to be the "in" thing to do these days, a lot of women are asking themselves the question "Should I go natural??"  Whether you are natural or relaxed, you can have healthy hair either way.  I do think that women with natural hair tend to see their hair growing faster than their relaxed counterparts, and for obvious reasons.  No chemicals and no over-processing!!  However, women that go natural but still want to wear their hair straight come to realize that sometimes it can be more work.  You have to work that much harder to get those roots straight, and keeping it out of humidity can be a job in itself!  This isn't a problem if you go to the salon and let your stylist do the work, but some women that try to straighten it themselves don't have the patience and just throw in the towel.  I've personally seen many try to go natural, then change their minds when that new growth starts getting thick.  As a stylist, I support any decision my clients make in terms of going natural or not.  I will inform them of the pros and cons and allow them to make a decision.  But as I said before, you can still have healthy hair AND have a relaxer.  You just have to take care of it.  Ultimately, there is no right or wrong choice. Either way, just keep it healthy!! Until next time...

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