Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Full Sew In (With A Tiny Bit Of Leave Out)

This client got a full sew in so I thought I would share her pictures.  She loves the versatility of a sew in and how easy it is to take care of.  She will keep this sew in for no longer than three months before she takes it down and cleanses and deep conditions her real hair.

The only part of her real hair that was left out is just enough to part the real hair and cover the track and a little out around the edges so that when the wind blows it still looks natural.  With all of the rest of the hair braided up, it allows it to grow a little faster since nothing is being done with it and
it is being allowed to rest.

The hair came from L. Jones Hair Collection and is Cambodian straight in 12 & 14 inch.

To keep it up (it was curled with the flat iron), she can simply tie it up at night with her satin cap or roll it with large flexi rods.  It hold curls really well so it does not need to be curled daily.


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