Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tia- My Newest Wig Creation | Wearing Wigs That Do Not Look Like Wigs

I want you all to meet Tia!  She is the newest addition to my wig family.  I made her with hair from L. Jones Hair Collection using two bundles of Indian straight hair, one eight inch bundle and one ten inch bundle as well as a silk base closure instead of a lace closure.  The silk base closure looks much more realistic but does cost a bit more than your traditional lace closure.

I hand sewed this wig and once done I cut it into its shape.  I have been missing my short bob so this soothes my urge to cut my hair!

I have absolutely no hair out but when I wear it behind my ear I pull my edges out to make it look even more realistic.  Every time I make a wig I say it is the best one that I have made but I really do like this one.  Underneath my hair is somewhat wrapped but my ends are very much protected.  I also still shampoo my hair every week, but the beauty of it is that I do not have to style it!  I also shampoo Tia weekly as well to keep the hair looking fresh.  It is human hair but does not tangle and shed so it is like having the best of both worlds.

excuse my photobomb!

Custom made wigs are the best because they are made to fit your head specifically so it fits like a glove.  And since I use premium quality hair that makes it even better.  A lot of wigs tend to look wiggy because they are basically a one size fits all kind of deal and we all know that all heads are not the same.  Also a lot of wigs do not use good hair so coupled with the fact that it is a generic size just screams wiggy look as the outcome.  If you are willing to spend more money then the benefits of having a custom wig may be well worth it.

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