Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hair Growth Update Three Months Post Relaxer

I have gotten so used to wearing Tia (wig) because of her convenience and because she is so easy to just pull on every day and take off every night.  I actually got a bit spoiled by not having to style my hair but only having to shampoo and condition it and not be concerned with anything else.

However, this week I decided to wear my hair out and let it breathe.  I actually did a video because it is right around my three month period, or my halfway point, in between relaxers.  As many of you know I only get relaxers twice per year (see why here).  This week, I shampooed using
the following products in the following order:

I did the moisturizing treatment as a preventative measure.  Not because my hair is damaged, but I do it periodically to keep it healthy.  Also the weather is getting ready to change from fall to winter which means less moisture will be in the air and environment so today was a good day to add a bit of extra moisture into my routine.  Once I got done with my hair I was a bit shocked at how long it looks now.  Maybe it is because Tia is short and I have not actually seen my own hair in 14 days, but nonetheless I am happy that I continuously see growth and healthiness on my relaxed hair.


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  1. I have been looking for a wig but I don't know where to start. I haven't had experience with weaves or wigs. I know I want human hair but what would be some tips to look for when purchasing a wig, especially online


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