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Which Is Better? Silk Press or Keratin Treatment?

During the summer months is the most requested time for natural women to get a keratin treatment.  Why, you ask? Because with hotter temperatures brings more humidity and frizz.  The question came up in the salon one day on what are the major differences between the two and which is better.  Well of course the answer depends on the person in terms of which is better.  It is simply a matter of preference.  The main difference between the two is that with a keratin treatment the hair stays smooth for up to four months and there is absolutely no frizz during humid weather conditions.  That means you can go swimming, shampoo your hair, exercise, etc without being concerned with what your hair is going to look like.  With a silk press, the hair reverts back to its original state after it is shampooed or after it gets wet.  Also with a silk press, if it is humid outside you will begin to notice the hair frizz up.  So, which is better?  Well, if you are looking for a temporary, non-permanent break from your natural curls and frizz free hair for two to four months then a keratin treatment is the way to go.  If you just want straight hair for a week or two then a silk press is the way to go.  In terms of pricing, a keratin treatment is more expensive, ranging from $250-$350 depending on the length and thickness of the hair.  A silk press is much more budget friendly ranging from $60 to $80, also depending on the length and thickness of the hair.  

silk press before

silk press after

If you compare the before and after pictures on both the silk press and the keratin treatment the results look pretty much the same.  The difference comes in when the hair actually gets wet or is in humidity.  Keratin treatments are a great alternative for natural women who do not wish to have relaxers anymore.  Since they do not have the same harsh ingredients found in relaxers they are more gentle on the hair.  And, unlike with relaxers where you only retouch the new growth, with keratin treatments they wear completely off the hair so once it is gone and you decide to get another one, all of the hair will have to be done again.  So if you were to get a keratin treatment and did not like it, you could rest assured that your natural curls would come back much faster than if you were to get a relaxer and had to transition back to natural again from scratch.
keratin treatment after

keratin treatment before


  1. I think if you calculate it over 4 month, the keratin is the most economic. I think another differens is that the keratin really is a treatment. It repairs your hair and is like a protein treatment.

  2. I recently decided to go natural because of all the damages my hair has been through over the years but however my hair is very coarse and hard to manage when it is natural I like my hair straight is a keratin treatment effective for very coarse thick hair

  3. I am a busy working mom who really doesn't have time for a lot of hair appointments, so it sounds like the keratin treatment is the best option for me as I try to transition (Again)! Is here a lot of special maintenance involved once you have it or is the maintenance similar to that which is required for relaxed hair?

  4. I haven't had a perm in 7 months but I've kept braids and sew ins in my hair. I want to go natural but I don't want to cut my hair. Can I still do the natural look without cutting my hair? My hair is down my back either way

  5. Does keratin treatments cause cancer

  6. I want to get a silk press for a wedding but im afraid that my hair wont revert back to its curly pattern state

  7. Hi. I have 3b curls. They're looser than kinky but definitely not wavy. They're layered and pretty long. But I am SICK of them. Don't get me wrong, I love curls. But I simply do not have the time to wash them everyday to keep tem fresh and looking good. So I have been wondering about the keratin treatment. What if it ruins my hair (relaxer burn)? Will it grow out funny? How long will it last? If I want to go natural, will my hair ever look the same? And the mother of all questions: Will I have to touch up my hair every morning because if so, I'm better off with my frizzy natural hair. My curls make me feel ugly though and I need a non-time-consuming new style. Any tips, suggestions, or answers to my questions? It would be very appreciated.


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