Monday, August 25, 2014

Get Moving Monday : How To Get The Body You Want

Today I started working out yet again.. It is easy to do for me once I get into the groove of things but once I stop, it is so hard to start again!! The good thing about me is that once I get weight off I can keep it off and maintain where I currently am but my problem is getting that last 10-15 pounds off.  Well, I am planning a vacation and this is my opportunity to shed those last few miserably pounds.  Today I did step class and omg where have I been? I had no idea how much cardio was packed inside this class!  Much more than my old bootcamp class! The class was one hour long and believe it or not I actually made it through the entire class (barely).  I will definitely be back for more.

So, I tied my hair up with my scarf.  I had my removable sew in on so it was in a ponytail and I put the scarf on to lay my roots down.  I recommend this even if you sweat in your head just because it will at least lay your edges down and if the rest gets wet you can blow dry while still having flat roots.

This is me in class. This class was hard!  But I am determined to get this weight off the old fashioned way which is through diet and exercise.  I have done it before and will do it again.  What tips can you all give me to help me get the rest of these pounds off?  I have lost 15 so far...

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  1. Id say mix cardio and muscle training.Good classes for muscle training is curcuit and core classes and body pump. The best way to push yourself is to go to a class like you did. No chance to escape or slack. And you know afterwards that you actually did every minute of that hour.


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