Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Help! I Don't Want To Be Natural Anymore!

This is one of many clients that I have that no longer wishes to be natural.  The reason she went natural in the first place is because she was receiving some damage due to relaxers when she used to get them.  I personally believe that is the number one reason for going natural.  It is because so many women receive damage to their hair so they feel like the only way to have healthy hair is to ditch the relaxer altogether.  No! You do not necessarily have to do this.  If you find a good hairstylist that actually cares about the health of your hair and is willing to tell you that you should not be getting a relaxer as often as you are AND knows how to properly apply it as well as when to take it out, you can have relaxed hair that is healthy. If you look at the picture above, her hair is not real kinky to begin with and she likes it straight anyway so she decided that she wanted a relaxer again.  This means I had to do a virgin relaxer on her and go from root to tip.

This is her hair after the relaxer was rinsed and shampooed.  It still has a little bit of texture to it instead of being completely bone straight.  The big difference is that she will no longer have any frizz whenever moisture is in the air or her hair gets wet.  Her edges will continue to lay flat instead of puffing up.  She will also not get a relaxer every six weeks but instead wait about every five to six months which will allow her hair to grow enough to get a touch up without overlapping onto any of the hair that has already been relaxed.

Since her hair texture is more wavy, she can still pull off some natural styles by wetting or shampooing her hair and simply letting it air dry.

This is the look of her hair after it has been completely dried by sitting under the hood dryer for about 20-30 minutes.

She had not seen her hair this straight in years so she wanted it flat ironed and of course she got a trim as well.  She actually got more than a trim (her request) but still wanted to be able to get it in a ponytail.

For maintenance she will simply wrap and go!

 She did not get to use any Silk Hydration by L. Jones shampoo and conditioner since she got her relaxer so she will just have to come back again very soon!



  1. Very pretty results! I have considered transitioning to natural hair as well, but I prefer stretching my relaxer and basically getting my hair texlaxed. I have a wonderful stylist like yourself and I think that makes a huge difference.

  2. Love that her hair is all the same length. Shows that it has grown well and no shorter parts.


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