Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Full Sew-In With No Hair Left Out (Protective Style)

I have been doing a lot of versatile sew-ins where some of the hair around the hairline and around the part are left out.  Most of those sew-ins were done on clients with relaxed hair.  Sometimes however, some clients do not want any of their hair left out, especially when they are natural due to they do not want to have to blend their real hair with the weave.  That was the case with this client who is also my mommy!  She has natural hair which is very wavy and she did not want to have to blend the two different textures so we decided to do a full sew in with no hair left out.

To start, I ordered her some Brazilian, deep wave hair (10 inch).  The picture below is how it looks right out of the bundle.

When doing sew ins with hair from my collection, I like to shampoo the hair first and give it a deep conditioning treatment with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products.  The picture below shows how the hair looks after I added highlights and shampooed it.  Notice how it did not lose its shape at all.  This is great hair for a beach trip, cruise, or for going anywhere where there will be water involved.  If for some reason you got submerged in water while the hair was straightened, it would wave up and look just like this.  All you would have to do is simply let the hair air dry! How cool is that??

This picture below shows how the hair looks in its curly state once it is dried and installed.  How cute is that?!  Also if you do not feel like flat ironing or curling the hair all you have to do is wet it and let it do its own thing and you are good to go.

After the hair was installed, I then straightened it, cut it in layers, then curled it in its layered cut.

I personally thought this was way too much hair for my mom and really wanted to cut it into a layered bob but she insisted I leave it long at first.

 After a little convincing I managed to get her to cut it a little bit above her shoulders.  Once she comes back in for another visit, I will cut it into an actual bob.  And once she wets it, it will turn into a curly bob.

To maintain her hair she can wrap it or roll it.  Just putting a satin bonnet on will not keep this hairstyle because once you lay down the curls will go flat.  The bonnet is good for when you are getting in the shower or just being in the house but not for sleeping.


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