Friday, June 27, 2014

Roller Set On Natural Hair

This client has 100% relaxer free and color free hair.  She has had a silk press before but decided that she wanted another style with no heat on her hair so she chose to get a roller set.  She liked the idea of it having lots of body and being a little straighter but not as straight as it would look had it been silk pressed.  Keep in mind that a roller set on natural hair will not look like it would on relaxed hair, especially if the hair is somewhat kinky or extra curly.

I started by shampooing with Silk Hydration by L. Jones clarifying shampoo (Extreme Clean), followed up by the moisturizing shampoo (Extreme Moisture).  After that I put some of the daily conditioner on, rinsed, then applied the leave-in conditioner.  Next, I put some foam wrap on the hair before I began rolling with the purple rollers.  She had to sit under the dryer for about a little over an hour before she was completely dry.

Once I took the rollers out of the hair I then wrapped it to relax the curl a little bit since she really did not want a lot of curls but more body.  I let it stay wrapped for a few minutes before unwrapping.  I put a light amount of oil on it, styled, and she was on her way!  To maintain it she can simply continue to wrap at night or roll it back up if she wants more curls.


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