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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past Six Weeks (week 23)

I swear these weeks are beginning to run together! At this point I am so ready to get my relaxer and the only thing stopping me was coordinating a date with my friend (who is also a licensed hairstylist) to do it for me.  Well, the good news is that we finally have a date scheduled tentatively for two more weeks!  That means I only have two more weeks left of "super big when its wet hair" and that also means two more weeks of this series.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people that have watched the series and I am so happy to know that some of you have learned a lot from the series about your hair.  Since I am completely over my hair at this point I chose to do weave again this week. Check out the week 23 video.


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