Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (week 24)

Welcome to week 24 of the series!!!  It is getting closer and closer to touch up time and I absolutely can not wait.  In two short weeks I will be freshly relaxed and will then be able to see exactly how much my hair has grown.  Now I see why I go six months and not a day over!  At my six month point I can no longer take it and have to have my chemical.  People ask me all the time why won't I just go natural  and the reason why is because I love my hair straight but at the same time I want it healthy.  Even if I were to go natural I would always wear my hair straight anyway so what would be the point?  I know that I can have the chemicals and still have healthy hair, so relaxer it is!  This week I decided to go back to my removable sew in because I am tired of dealing with my hair.  However, next week for week 25 I am going to not turn to my weave due to I want my hair to be down for week 26 when I get my RELAXER!!! Can you tell how excited I am??

Check out the week 24 video.


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