Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blowout On Natural Hair (Silk Press)

This client came in today to get her hair silk pressed for the first time.  She did the big chop eight months ago because she had relaxed hair which was always breaking and becoming thin.  One day she could not take it anymore and told her husband to cut all of her relaxed hair off.  She was very anxious today because not only was this her first silk press but it was also her first visit to L. Jones Salon.  She said that she heard many good reviews about me online and could not wait to see what her hair would look like all pressed out.  She wondered if her hair was too short to be pressed since she had been growing it only a short time.  I assured her that her hair would be fine and that she was in good hands.

I used all Silk Hydration by L. Jones products on her hair starting with the clarifying shampoo.  I then used the moisturizing shampoo and the moisturizing treatment.

After that I began blow drying and straightening.

The easy part was the actual pressing.  Her hair was short but much longer than she thought it would be.  When her hair is in its natural state it has a lot of shrinkage.  Her hair is in that in between stage right now and she was not interested in cutting other than a trim so I just curled it in the direction that it naturally wanted to go in.

After she saw her hair she was very pleased with it.  She is graduating this weekend so getting her hair done was something special she wanted to for herself.  I am very happy that she was pleased that she picked me to help make her graduation day special!

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