Sunday, May 11, 2014

5 Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Hair With Hair Color

With the summer months quickly approaching us, hair color is becoming increasingly popular.  When it gets warmer, many women like to lighten up their hair as well.  But before you decide to go color crazy I would like to share a few tips so you can also keep your hair healthy.

  1. Do not color your hair if it is damaged-  This seems quite obvious but some people do not think certain rules apply to them.  If your hair is already damaged, permanent color will only make it worse.  Work on getting your hair healthy (read more here) first, then try color.
  2. Do not try to color your own hair- This goes hand in hand with relaxers.  When it comes to chemicals, never try to do them on your own.  Always seek a trusted, reliable professional hairstylist to do your hair color.
  3. Do not go too light- Be careful when choosing your hair color that you do not go too light.  Jet black hair is not meant to be platinum blonde.  It is safe to only go two shades lighter than your natural color.  Going any lighter can result in damage.  If you are wanting to go extremely light on your hair color, try using weave so that your natural hair is not harmed in the process.
  4. Take care of your hair afterwards- After you get your color, remember that you have to do all of the required maintenance to avoid damage.  Keep your hair moisturized and properly cleansed at all times.
  5. Enjoy your new hair- After you have done all of the above you can now look fabulous and enjoy your new hair color!
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