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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Secret To Getting A Silk Press Safely Right After Taking Braids Down

The Secret To Getting A Silk Press Safely Right After Taking Braids Down

Many women who are natural often switch from getting braids to getting a silk press. Sometimes they like the freedom of not having to do anything to their hair. Other times they want to see exactly how long it is. I totally can relate to this even though I myself am not natural. We women like options! One question that I get asked quite frequently is if it is safe to get a silk press right after taking down braids. Yes you absolutely can get a silk press right after taking your hair down from braids.  It will not harm your hair or cause any damage to it.  The secret to getting a silk press safely right after taking braids down is simple and can be done in two steps. First you must be gentle with the hair and detangle it completely. Next you must use some great hair products to effectively cleanse and moisturize your hair.

This is the client's hair right after she took her braids down.  She is transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and only has about 3-4 inches of new growth left on her ends.  She is only 12 years old and this was her first appointment with me.  Her mother told me that she has been searching for someone who could take care of her daughter's hair.

What makes my silk presses different from others is the fact that I do no flat iron the same piece of hair over and over again.  I only go through the hair with my flat iron one time.  My whole silk press system is a technique designed to not damage the hair or alter the natural curl pattern. Using the right hair products (like these) and the right flat iron (like this one) is very critical in not causing any damage to the hair and the curl pattern.

When I first started doing silk presses I thought that you had to flat iron the hair practically to death for it to become silky straight.  In actuality, all I was doing as destroying the client's curl pattern which is why many women notice their hair never curls back again after they have gotten a silk press or dominican blow out.  Heat can be your friend, but it can also be your enemy.  The secret is to learn how to use it correctly.  Now, my clients can be assured that as soon as they shampoo their hair again, their original curl pattern will be restored.

I used Silk Hydration by L. Jones products on this client's hair to help it become extra bouncy and soft. The exact products I used were the following:

  • Extreme Clean Shampoo- This shampoo removes all of the dirt, oil, and product residue off of the hair. It lets you start with a clean slate.
  • Extreme Moisture Shampoo- This shampoo adds the good moisture back in the hair. It includes liquid silk which aids in softening the hair. All of the shampoos are sulfate and paraben free.
  • Replenishing Conditioner- This aids in softening the hair even more and also helps detangle the hair as well as moisturize the hair.
  • Leave In Conditioner- This adds moisture, detangles, and acts as a heat protectant.
  • Miracle Potion no9- This adds shine, controls frizz, and leaves your hair smelling amazing.

The only thing she needs to do to maintain this would be to wrap it every single night.  It will last approximately 1-2 weeks or until she gets it wet again.


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