Monday, June 2, 2014

Why You Should Stop Relaxing Your Own Hair

Every now and then I will have a client who thinks they can do their own chemical services just as good if not better than a professional hairstylist.  This client was doing her own relaxer and permanent color!  This is a big no no.  While she does still have hair on her head (to my surprise) there are some signs of damage.  She also takes medication that has an adverse effect on the hair so it is only by the grace of God that she has not experienced extensive noticeable damage yet.  Luckily her daughter convinced her to come get her hair done by me to get her in the hands of a pro.  Remember, you should always, always, always let a professional do your chemical services to prevent any damage.  By the time you actually see visible signs of damage done by relaxing and coloring your own hair that means that the actual damage started a long time ago.  So even though you may not see damage to your hair right now, it is still being done so letting a trusted professional do your chemicals will ensure you keep your hair as healthy as possible.

I started by using all of the products from my own line Silk Hydration by L. Jones including the moisturizing shampoo and the intense moisture treatment as well as the leave-in and the miracle potion.  I wanted to add all of the moisture that I could because her hair was craving it.  She already had her hair cut in layers so I simply curled it to let the layers show.

She loved her hair and says she will definitely be back.  To maintain this look she can wrap it up at night with her silk scarf.  No extra heat or oil needed!

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