Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How To Avoid Cutting Your Hair If It Gets Tangled

I had a client today that just knew she was going to get her hair cut off.  She took a sew-in down and had several spots in her hair that were severely knotted.  I'm talking matted to the point where I couldn't even get the point on the rat tail comb to even penetrate it.  Anytime you have a sew-in, or any style that doesn't allow you to comb your natural hair on a regular basis, your hair still does its daily shedding but now that hair that is shedding does not have anywhere to go.  As a result, the hair accumulates, and has to potential to become matted.  This is what the knots looked like.

As you can see in the pic, it was just a bit knot.  She had several of these throughout her head.  If your hair ever gets tangled like this, do NOT shampoo it before getting all of the tangles out.  It will only make it worse.  This client tried to shampoo it thinking that would help it but it did not.  I thought I might have to cut her hair, but then I said that I was going to spray some Silk Hydration by L. Jones Leave-In Conditioner on it first to see if that would help.  I sprayed it on there and magically I was able to penetrate the know and begin to untangle the knots.  I began spraying all of the remaining knots and was able to actually comb through them WITHOUT cutting any of her hair.  She was so relieved because she thought she was going to have to get a major cut!  After, we then did a silk press on the hair after.

Ladies, this leave-in conditioner is the if I do say so myself.  My client ranted and raved about how happy and pleased she was that she did not have to get a major hair cut.  If you have children that have thick hair that often gets tangled, this product is for them!  If YOU have hair that is thick and gets tangled, this product is for you.  If you have natural hair, this product is for you.  If you have relaxed hair, this product is for you.  If you just want your hair to have an extra layer of moisture, this product is for YOU!  I use it on my hair and on my 3-yr old's hair as well.  It doesn't have to be rinsed out and sprays in a light mist and has a heavenly smell.

The only thing my client has to do now, other than enjoy the length she got from having her sew-in, is wrap her hair up every night.  I did not put any oil in her hair because I gave her a moisturizing treatment with Silk Hydration by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment which has 9 different oils already in it.  I did, however spray some Miracle Potion no9 in it to control the frizz.


  1. I must say that the leave in helps with me get little knots out when I am detangling.

  2. I use my water + glycerin like magic


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