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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why You Should Always Trim Your Ends

Why you should always trim your ends

One thing that all of us women must do in an effort to keep our hair healthy is to get regular trims.  A lot of women hate getting this done because they want that long, luxurious hair by any means necessary, regardless of if the hair looks healthy or not.  In my opinion, there is just something not right about someone that has gorgeous hair until you get to the ends where all you see is a frizzy mess. Ladies, let it go! I repeat (in my Elsa from Frozen voice)! Yes, the split ends make the hair appear longer but it does not look healthy. 

client whose ends need to be trimmed

Many of my clients have asked me does trimming your ends make your hair grow faster.  The answer to that question is no, because your hair grows from your scalp, not from the ends.  However, getting your ends trimmed helps your hair look so much healthier, and keeping them trimmed on a regular basis keeps you from having to get a lot trimmed each salon visit.  

Same client after trim
If your ends need to be trimmed and you don't get this done for whatever reason, they will continue to split up the hair shaft.  The longer they continue to split, the more you will eventually have to get cut.  Some women wait until they get so bad, that by the time they get them clipped, they want to call the hairstylist "scissor happy" because she had to take off so much.  If I am in the salon and see that more than 2 inches needs to be cut from a client's head, I will tell the person how much I need to cut. I literally will turn them around so that they can face themselves in the mirror, hold up their hair, and show them how much of the ends are split and how much needs to be cut off.  If they are uncomfortable with that, I will trim little by little each visit until all of the dead ends are gone.  Please be advised, there is not a single product out there, not even Silk Hydration by L. Jones, that will "repair" your split ends!! Once they've split, the only solution is to trim them.  I recommend getting ends trimmed every 3-4 months.  Relaxed clients can keep up with this by trimming their hair at every touch up appointment. Natural girls,your split ends blend right in with the rest of your natural hair so they are harder to detect. You can tell however when you are detangling your hair and it gets very tangled only on the ends, or your ends start feeling different from the rest of your hair like more brittle.  So remember, keep your ends trimmed regularly, your hair will thank you! 

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