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Sunday, September 4, 2016

How To Do A Side Bun WITHOUT USING BOBBY PINS (Tutorial)

How to do a bun without using bobby pins
The bun is a simple, easy, hairstyle that can be used whenever you have a bad hair day. It is my go to for when it is time for me to shampoo but for whatever reason I am unable to do so right away. It allows me to go out in public and still look presentable at the same time. I do not believe that anyone should have any reason to go out of the house with their hair not being combed. So, for that reason I am going to show you how to do a bun very quickly, without even using bobby pins. This is a method that I stumbled upon when I desperately needed a bun but couldn't find not one bobby pin. I have been using the same method ever since. 

Side bun tutorial

First, you will need a brush, a long tube sock (preferably black unless your hair is light), and two black hair bands (no rubber bands, they will tear your hair out). Cut the tube sock at the toe and roll it all the way down until it resembles a donut. Now you are ready to begin.

Items needed for a bun

Step 1: Brush your hair into a ponytail. The location of they ponytail is strictly up to you. I like side ponytails although they are a pain to sleep in unless you sleep on one side the entire night. Be sure to make the ponytail as neat as possible, unless the messy look is what you are going for.

Step 2: Place the sock donut over your ponytail. Your hair should be going through the center of the donut.

Step 3: Brush your hair evenly over the donut ensuring that none of the donut is visible.

Step 4: Place the other hair band over the donut to form your bun. If any hair is hanging out slide it around and tuck under the hair band.

That's it!

Need a visual? Check out the video below.

Enjoy your bun!


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