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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Hair Fantasy: Layered Bob Cut

After having long hair for the majority of my life I finally decided to cut my hair shortly after having my son.  Instead of playing it safe with layers only, I decided I wanted a real cut, so I got it cut into a bob where is was short in the back and gradually got longer in the front.  After hearing about how so many women struggle with growing their hair I decided to grow my own hair back out and use myself as the test subject to show just how achievable it is to grow your hair into long, healthy, strong strands.  Despite my decision to grow my hair out, I still get the urge to cut my hair back off, especially when I have clients that want the exact cut that I desperately crave.  I simply loved my cut just because it was different, it was easy to maintain, I did not have to sit under the dryer as long, and it was in style.  So for now, I guess I will continue to grow it out but the client I had today made me want to chop it back off immediately.

This is her before picture.  The before picture really did not do her any justice simply because the picture was taken right after she took her ponytail down (why do all the ones with tons of hair hide it in ponytails?!).  After I began to comb through and detangle the hair, it grew tremendously!  This girl had a LOT of beautiful, thick, RELAXED hair.
 Yes, you read that right, her hair is relaxed and it is still this thick, long, and healthy.  She wanted something different and wanted to get it cut into a bob so of course I was more than happy to do as she requested.

Check out the after pics of her newly created look.  Although I cut a lot of her hair off she still has plenty to pull back into her trusty ponytail if she needs to.

To begin, I gave her a touch up (new growth only).  After shampooing and conditioning her hair, I let it dry before I cut.  Once I cut I was able to curl it into its style.

Click here to see the short video of this cut.

All she has to do at night is wrap up her hair and sleep extra comfortably. She can spray Silk Hydration by L. Jones Miracle Potion no9 on it as needed to give it more shine and control frizz.


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