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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Relaxer Stretching Helps Your Hair Get Healthier

Today I had a client come in who is also relaxer stretching.  I must say, I feel like a proud mama when I see how my clients are taking the health of their hair seriously.  She has not had a relaxer since January so it has been approximately a little over 13 weeks for her.  When I checked her new growth she had almost two inches but not quite.  To be honest she could have gone either way but was willing to push it back some more so I had no problems with that.  I wanted to share pictures of her hair after I flat ironed it to show that all she has to do at this point is wrap it at night.  She can not even tell anymore that she is actually 13 weeks post relaxer.

I probably should have taken pics of the hair before I flat ironed it but she did have about 1.5 inches of waviness at the root.  All it takes is a little time to flat iron small sections and there you have it.  I put a little edge control around her edges to give them the freshly relaxed look and she was out the door.

I did use Silk Hydration products on her today, specifically the clarifying shampoo, the moisture shampoo, and the leave-in conditioner.  I used another brand conditioner on her today only because I had a big bottle that I was not using and did not want to throw it away!  Call me crazy but it worked fine before Silk Hydration came along and I did not see the point in just tossing it.  Plus she did not mind so it was all good.  I was very generous with the leave-in conditioner because I know I can do that with Silk Hydration and the hair will not be weighed down.  To take care of this she only needs to wrap it with her silk scarf and sleep well!

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