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Friday, March 14, 2014

Using Weave As A Protective Style While Transitioning To Natural Hair

Today I took the weave virginity away from another client.  She has never had weave, and used to be totally against getting it at all.  But she is now transitioning to natural hair and wanted a style that would give allow her hair to grow some without being touched.  Coupled with the fact that she is also going to the beach, she decided that weave was the perfect solution.  She was a little nervous about how it would look, but she has seen my work before (on her own daughter), so her nerves were settled just a little bit.  I believe she was more anxious than anything just because it was her first time and she was unsure about how it would look.  She first ordered her hair from L. Jones Hair Collection and I had her hair waiting on her at her appointment.

To get this look I used two bundles of Brazilian deep curly hair (10 inches).  I braided all of her hair up being very careful to leave some of the edges out.  I did this because her edges were already broken off slightly from relaxer damage and I did not want to add any additional stress to them.  I knew that with the style she wanted that her edges would not be showing anyway so leaving them out was not a problem.

After sewing the hair in, I then separated the curls simply by using my fingers.  Since the hair came curly, she can get it wet when she goes to the beach and it will remain curly.  All she has to do when she gets out of the pool, ocean, or whatever aquatic apparatus she chooses is let it air dry!  Talk about easy peasy maintenance.  She will be coming in two weeks from now to get it shampooed by me so I will be sure to take pictures before and after the shampoo to show you how it looks after it gets soaking wet.

She can make this style look as wild as she wants.  Some people like big hair or messy hair so to achieve this, she would simply use her fingers to separate it more.  She was extremely excited after she saw the finished product.  I cut it into a bob like shape to give her some sassiness but I have a feeling she wants it a little shorter.  When sewing this hair in, I did not cut the tracks, but simply folded them over so that she is able to easily use the hair again.  This hair can be used 3-4 times depending on how good she takes care of it.  That is the beauty of ordering high quality hair, it is expensive but it can be reused so you get your money's worth.

This is a great transition hairstyle.  It will be taken down in 3 months and at that point she should have close to 2 inches of new growth.  She has already said that she plans on getting her sew in again after it is taken down.  To maintain it at night all she has to do is put her satin bonnet on and sleep tight!

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