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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toya's Tips: Why You Should Always Stretch Your Relaxers

Since I have been doing the How To Relax Your Hair Series via YouTube, I have been getting a lot of questions and feedback regarding it.  For my tip of the day, I decided to explain this a little bit further.  First, I will say that if you are getting your touch up relaxers before you have two inches of new growth, you are more than likely damaging your hair.  If you are doing your own relaxers, you are more than likely damaging your own hair.  If you are letting anyone who is not a professional do your relaxer, you are more than likely damaging your hair!  Even though you may not notice the damage immediately, please know that it is happening.  As hair that is damaged from relaxers happens, it does it little by little to the hair until eventually you notice a difference in your hair but have no idea what it could be.  We seem to think that since the relaxer did not damage it right away, then it isn't the relaxer that is causing a change in your hair when that is exactly what it is.  That hair is getting weaker and weaker, until eventually it starts breaking and shedding and appearing to be very thin, particularly towards the ends.

Check out the video where I elaborate on this a little more.

My goal is for women to become very educated when it comes to their hair.  Relaxer stretching is not a torture mechanism that I use because I want to see women suffer.  I simply see too many women with damaged hair due to relaxing, which is why relaxers get such a bad reputation.  They can be great for our hair IF we use them correctly!  Many of us have just been trained to get a relaxer at the first sign of any new growth and that is doing much more harm than good!  So I want to help make all of my readers and clients very knowledgable about hair care.  It is great to come to a professional hairstylist to get your hair done, but home maintenance is also just as important.  Unfortunately there are some hairstylists out there who will do whatever you ask them to do because that is more money for them, but I am not that stylist.  I want everyone who comes to me to have the healthiest hair possible!

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