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Monday, March 10, 2014

Q&A- Why Is My Hair Shedding?

I decided to do a new series on my YouTube channel.  I receive a lot of questions about hair problems and a lot of the questions are very similar.  So, as a result I will be answering a lot of the questions through video.  Here is the question that I received:

Hi LaToya, 

I just started reading your blog today and I really like what I’m reading so far because I’ve always been into healthy hair and achieving it whether hair is relaxed or natural. My question may be long (sorry!) but I really would like your help/input if you could take the time to read this.

Well, basically, over the last 2 years (since the start of 2012), I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my hair (to get it healthy but with the ability to wear it relatively straight) and I did this with a hair stylist friend who graduated from hair/beauty school. In this order since the start of 2012, I’ve had my hair 1) braided for 3 months, 2) used the 30 day Organics Keratin treatment (the brown bottle) for a few months, 3) Relaxed it (just once) in June 2012, 4) stopped relaxing (after experiencing breakage) & went back to keratin treatment until May 2013, 5) did weave for almost 3 months until mid-August 2013 (b/c hair was thinning out with the blow-drying and flat-ironing after the keratin treatments), 6) did 1 keratin treatment that August, 7) used clarifying shampoo to remove keratin and silicones from hair, 8) blow-dried & flat ironed my (by now) mostly natural hair from Sept. 2013-Jan. 2014, and then 9) had my hair stylist friend do a low PH mild (Optimum) relaxer in January of this year since she will be moving out of state and won’t be able to do my hair any longer. I know that was a lot!

Well, I’m writing to you because, even though my hair was basically 100% natural for a year and a half and my friend used a mild low PH relaxer, I’m experiencing breakage – long strands, a few every time I run my fingers through my hair. I’m confused and frustrated. After being natural for over a year, I almost regret getting this relaxer and wonder if my hair stylist friend just wasn’t skilled enough to do them (I think she let it stay on too long and relax my hair to bone straight) or if there is another explanation. I only got the relaxer after so long without one because I know I don’t have the patience to straighten my natural hair by myself. 

Currently, I go every week to a Dominican salon where I get my hair deep conditioned, roller set and wrapped only (no blow-drying the roots either). I’m trying to strengthen my hair so I bought a conditioner with keratin amino acids because, from doing my research, I would need a protein conditioner or reconstructer to at least slow down the damage that’s been done. 

My long term plan is to only relax my hair every 4 months (maybe relax only my hairline every 8 weeks so that can at least appear straight) with a mild relaxer, get trims every 6 weeks and get it roller set, deep conditioned and wrapped every week at the Dominican salon. I was thinking to relax my hair myself every 4 months because I feel like every hair stylist I’ve gone to always overlaps when applying the relaxer and, since I really want my hair healthy, I’ll be careful when applying it. Do you think that is a good action plan? Or can you recommend a hair stylist in the NJ/NYC area that is very, very skilled and careful when applying relaxers? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

Now here is my video response:

To submit a question that you want me to answer via video, click the "ask Toya" banner or click here.  Thanks for your questions!

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