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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Q&A- Healthy Hair & Growth

Today's q&a came from a question that was asked right here on the blog!  Here is the question:

I really enjoy reading your Blog and your perspective of achieving healthy hair being a hairstylist. In your blogs and youtube videos you always say that "healthy" hair grows at 1/2 per month. I've noticed that everyones hair grows at different rates and health and genetics play a part in the growth rate of hair. When you say "healthy hair" is that just your way of saying that the average growth rate is 1/2 inch or do you believe that if you're not gaining 1/2 inch per month that your hair/scalp is not healthy? I say this because I have a slower growth rate of about 1/4 per month there for it would take me almost 8 months to get 2 inches of hair as i average 4-5 inches of growth per year. I am not medically ill or unhealthy. I used to relax every 4-6 wks until i started my hair journey. Now i stretch for 12 wks and average about 1 inch in this time. I have a really hard time stretching this far so know that i would be causing more damage than good to stretch until I get 2 in as on.....

See the entire question and my answer here:

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  1. Thanks soo much for this video answer. I really appreciate it! This current stretch has been difficult and I feel that i've had a lot of unnecessary breakage due to not knowing how to handle my new growth, but I'm working on it in hopes of being able to master stretching.

  2. ohh, and you pronounced my name correctly! :0)


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