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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mid Week Motivation: How To Make What You Have Enough

Today's blog post was inspired by my nightly reading of my bible.  I was reading in Mark 8 about Jesus feeding the four thousand.  I cannot help but think about all of the times where I thought I did not have much or that what I did have just was not enough.  I do not know about anybody else out there, but my drive to succeed in life and my determination did not just come from thin air.  You see, my natural father and my mother divorced when I was very young, about the age of five or six to be exact.  Ever since then, I watched my mother raise me on her own while actually having full a time career and going to law school.  Not having my natural father there in the household put me in the mind frame of not depending on anyone, especially a man, to do things for me.  This is the reason why I have worked since I was fourteen.  I did not like asking my mother for money, I wanted to have my own, even if that meant I may not have had much.  I felt like at least it was mine.  After graduating college and getting my own apartment, and actually being in the real world, I often felt like the money I made at my job just was not enough.  All I did was work and pay bills!  However, I was really not in church the way I should have been and I definitely did not tithe.

I listened to a message one day that really spoke to me.  In Mark 8, Jesus was speaking to a large crowd and the people ran out of food.  He wanted to feed them because they had traveled a long way to see him and if he sent them home, they would faint along the way from being hungry.  Can you imagine being so hungry that if you walked a certain distance you would actually faint??? Anyway, Jesus asked the disciples how much bread they had and they told him they had seven loaves.  They also found a few small fish as well so Jesus took what they had, thanked God for them, and began to distribute them to the crowd.  The next part really amazed me.  In verse 8, it says that the people ate as much as they wanted! Did you read that right?  Yes! I said the people ate as much as they wanted from only seven loaves AND there were seven large baskets of leftovers.  Just think about that for a second.  I know I have a pretty healthy appetite.  Basically, I can eat!  Now imagine 4,000 appetites like mine that actually ate until they had all that they wanted AND had seven LARGE baskets left over.  That would be a lot of food!

So, putting it into modern day perspective, whenever it seems as though you do not have enough, you can do exactly what Jesus did and take what you already have, thank God for it and allow Him to bless it.  This means always putting God first and having faith in Him by knowing that He will always do what He said He would do.  He says He will never leave us nor forsake us.  But when Jesus fed the four thousand, he had something to start with, which was the seven loaves.  God did not just make the food magically appear.  He took what they already had and MADE that enough.

So my question to you is what do you have in your house?  God wants to bless us but He needs something to work with.  My issue back then was financial.  I always felt like what I had just was not cutting it.  I had always heard about tithing and knew that we were supposed to do it but common sense told me that if I already did not have enough, why would I tithe?  But a lot of things God tells us to do may not make a lot of sense to us but we are not supposed to try to figure out His reasoning, we are only simply supposed to obey Him and do what He says.  He says that if we are lacking, we should give more.  That sounds crazy but I know first hand that it works!  I began paying my tithes every single week.  If my check was $1015.86, I would pay exactly $101.59 on the dot.  And yes I did notice my situation change but only a little.  I then realized that I was paying my tithes out of fear.  I was paying them because I felt like if I did not pay them that something bad would happen to me. God does not want us to pay them fearfully or grudgingly (with an attitude), but he loves a cheerful giver.  He wants us to want to give!  Once I wrapped my mind around that and actually reflected on how much He had done for me, I began to do just that.  I gave not only because He said to but to show Him I was grateful and appreciative.  For example, if I made $1015.86, I started giving $105 or $110 as my tithe then putting even more with it for an offering.  As of right now I actually get excited about tithing and giving.  And the more I do, the more He blesses me with.  God is the God of abundance so he does not want us to only have just enough.  He wants us to have more than enough so that we can also be generous toward others.  And one thing about God, he never lies!  So whatever He says, you can count on that happening.  If there is an area your life where you are lacking, trust God with it and allow Him to bless it for you. That means you taking your hands completely off of it, and trying to control it and letting God bless it. He will do it!


  1. Hi,

    i just wanted you to know, this post means a lot to me.

  2. Very inspirational post! Very encouraging too. I don't tithe like I'm supposed to. I usually just give what I can. Even though I don't have much, I have everything I need and lately I've been feeling guilty about "robbing" The Lord. This post just gave me the extra push I need to step out on faith and into obedience. This was a blessing, thanks!


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