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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weight Loss Update

Not too long ago I started my journey to a new body.  My goal was to lose 20 pounds.  I started at a weight of 170 and wanted to get down to 150, or possibly 145.  I really wanted to go from a size 12 to a size 8 so whatever weight I need to be to get there is what I wanted.  My journey began on the Weight Watchers program.  I had a subscription for one month only which was supposed to just get me started in the right direction.  I did the same program before and lost 20 pounds and managed to keep it off so I decided to do it again.  What prompted this was a dress that I bought knowing good and well it was too small.  I bought it anyway because it was on sale and it was the last size they had.  Plus my top half is much smaller than my bottom half (legs and thighs) so most of the time I can get away with wearing a smaller size dress than pants.  Well, I had completely forgotten that I bought the dress until one day I was going through my closet and saw it.  I tried it on and I swear I heard it say to me "almost, but not quite!".  That is when I said I needed to drop a few more pounds!  On the Weight Watchers program I did go from 170 to about 162 so I lost right at about 8 pounds the first month.
me about one month ago...

Once my subscription was up I begin to kick it into full gear and took control myself.  I started exercising and watching what I ate.  I found a website online that told me how many calories I needed to eat in order to get to the weight I wanted.  I just Googled it and the site came up asking me how much did I weigh now, how much I wanted to lose, my height, etc.  The results were that I needed to eat at least 1,239 calories to reach my goal weight.  So now I went from counting my points (Weight Watchers) to counting my calories.  It ended up being much easier than I thought because I have now learned to eat plenty of veggies and fruit which is very low in calories.  Some days I would be full off of the huge salad I ate but still had to make myself eat more because I was nowhere near the 1,239 needed.  Since then I have gotten down to 155!!! I'm so happy, I'm going to aim for 10 more pounds instead of 5.
for some reason, my midsection always slims down first!

I have also incorporated exercising into the plan and have been working out at least 30 minutes a minimum of three times a week.  If I can't make it to the gym (I work out for one hour at the gym), I do an exercise routine at home that I have recorded on my dvr.  I have five routines recorded and they are great aerobic workouts.  I even have my son doing it with me.  So in two months I have lost 15 pounds by simply eating right and working out.  I am not on a diet by any means, but I do make it a habit of eating right much more than eating wrong.  But at least once per week I do eat pizza and just yesterday I had A donut.  As long as I can get a little bit of bad food I don't feel like I am depriving myself.  It's all about moderation.  And I have also learned to listen to my body when it is full versus stuffing myself just because it's on my plate and feeling terrible afterwards.  I have also increased my water, because it is now said that you should drink half of your body weight in water daily.  Not a whole lot has changed, but I am more aware of making healthier choices that still taste great.  Like who knew raw spinach tasted so good??? I have literally fallen in love with raw spinach, it tastes just like lettuce but has way more nutritional value!  I put it on every sandwich I eat, grab handfuls of it when eating a salad, it's like I can't get enough of it.  Just last night I had a salad that consisted of spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and grilled shrimp! No salad dressing, just the juices from the shrimp.  When I tell you I ate that salad like it was my last meal!  It was delicious.  Anyway, healthier food does cost way more money, but it still tastes great.  So now I am on to the last ten pounds which is always the hardest.  I am going to try that dress on to see how much further I need to go.  I have already noticed my size 10 pants are not fitting as snug as they once used to.  They now fit like they are supposed to so I guess I can say I'm back down to a 10 but I'm not satisfied with that...  Hopefully by the summer I'll be ready! You know what they say, summer bodies are made in the winter...

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow 15 lbs in 2 months! Great job!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

  2. Great job! You are the motivation I need to keep up my quest to lose the holiday weight I put on!

    Courtnea of Finally Growing!

  3. that is awesome...i just kicked my butt into gear a couple weeks back. i started P90X3. im on a mission to loose 30lbs and reading your update is very encouraging


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