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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should You Ditch Your Relaxer or Stretch?

Many women decide to ditch their relaxer and go natural for many different reasons.  However, for some women medical reasons force them to leave the relaxer and opt for natural hair.  This client that I have pictured below is one of those women.  She suffers from eczema in her scalp and when she gets her relaxers it irritates her scalp making her condition even worse.  For this reason she chose to no longer get a relaxer and has began transitioning into natural hair, although if she had her way she would go back to relaxers.

So you can clearly tell where her new growth starts and her relaxed hair is.  Her wave pattern is going to be very wavy.  The pictures you see are after I shampooed her hair and placed her under a hood dryer.  She does not want to cut the relaxer out of her hair because she is not interested in having short hair.

After coming from under the dryer I blow dried her hair and flat ironed it.  She likes her hair straight and does not want to have to shampoo it on her own because she is unsure that she will be able to manage it on her own.

This is how straight her hair got with only one pass with the flat iron.  No flat ironing the same piece of hair fifty times.  So anytime she shampoos her hair, her curls will always bounce back.  If you have a medical condition that is worsened by your relaxers, you should absolutely not get them anymore.  Your hair can still get straight when you have the right stylist and the right products (Silk Hydration by L. Jones).  However, you do not want your health to be compromised for your hair.

See how straight her hair got? The only thing she has to do when she gets home is wrap it.  In order to control her eczema, she also shampoos it once per week.


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