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Thursday, February 6, 2014

(Bad Hair Days Banished)-How To Do A Bun

Today I will be showing and telling you how to do a bun.  The bun is my go-to hairstyle for when I am having a bad hair day.  It can make your bad hair days disappear just like that!  If you ever see me wearing a bun, you know exactly what time it is.  It is not because I wanted to wear one, it is because I was too lazy to shampoo my hair but I needed to look decent while I was out in public.  So let's jump right in..

Step 1: Brush all of your hair up into a ponytail.  Make sure the ponytail is secure but not too tight, and be sure it is neat. Use edge control if needed to give that freshly relaxed look.

Step 2: Cut the toe part out of your sock and roll the sock down so that it looks like a donut.  Make sure you use a sock that is similar in color to your hair.

Step 3: Pull your ponytail through the sock.

Step 4: Comb your hair over the sock and pin. Make sure that none of the sock is showing.

Step 5: Spray with holding spray and voila!

Don't quite understand?  Check out the video below and never have a bad hair day again!


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