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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Body Week 3 Update: Down 1 More Pound!

Today was my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers and the results are in.  I only came down one pound.  I was a bit sad by that, I wanted to see at least a three-pound decrease but any little bit helps.  My total number of points went down again, so now I have to really make an effort to eat low point foods instead of all the sinfully delicious high point foods that I love dearly like pizza and chicken wings with cheese fries!  I now have 26 total points for the day.  Let me give you a breakdown of what I ate today.

  • This morning- Subway bacon, egg, and cheese on 6"flatbread which I added raw spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, black olives, and a few jalapenos peppers. I also added salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar. Total=11 pts
  • Lunch- I have a bad habit of not eating while I am at work so the only thing I had for lunch was this low calorie fruit punch drink that I got from Costco. Total=3 pts
  • Dinner- Knowing that I only had 12 points left for the day I had to be strategic for what was for dinner.  I have come to love raw spinach as it tastes just like lettuce in its raw form but is a lot more nutritionally beneficial.  So, I started with a salad that consisted of spinach leaves (0pts), tomatoes (0pts), bacon pieces (1pt), cheddar cheese (3pts), and honey mustard dressing (2pts).  That totaled 6 pts leaving me with 6 more.  Next I pan seared salmon filets (2pts) and baked some shrimp (11pieces =3pts).  I had one point left over!!!  I indulged and had a mini Snickers ice cream bar (3pts).  The two points that I went over came out of my total bonus points for the week which is 48.  
That is why I really enjoy this program.  I can eat what I want, but they tell me how much.  Also it makes you more conscience of choosing healthier options and be more aware of the portion size.  Now when I go shopping I can scan the item and decide right then and there if the points for the item is worth indulging in.  I simply refuse to say no to pizza but I save that for the weekend and am good during the week.  Also pizza itself won't kill my points unless I eat the whole pie or majority of it.  As long as I at least get one good slice, I am good.  Here are the pics I took today.  I am down a total of seven pounds but I don't know where it is is coming from because my jeans fit the same!  That tells me that my thighs are still the same size they were three weeks ago (insert sad face here).  Also, I am going to start working out this week to boost my weight loss.  One good thing about working out is that I get more points when I work out (insert happy face here).

Ok everyone, wish me luck this week!  I want to lose at least three pounds by next Wed.

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1 comment

  1. Congrats on the weight loss so far! WW is by far my favorite weight loss program. I'm sure once you add in exercising you will see a difference in the way your clothes fit!


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