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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Featured Blog Sponsor: Theorie

Recently, I got my newest blog sponsor, Theorie!  I am so very excited to have them on board and partner with them!  They sent me several products in their line, including the 1.5in digital flat iron:

I got the flat iron in bronze and it came in this very nice leather case.  It also comes with a cover (not pictured) in case I want or need to pack it up and it is still hot.  This will work perfectly for me when I am traveling from place to place doing hair and do not necessarily have time to wait for my tools to cool off.  I already love it and haven't even used it yet!  I can not wait to do my silk presses with these babies.

I also have their one of a kind four in one curling wand.  I think this is going to be my favorite item.  It is an interchangeable curling wand that has detachable wands in four different sizes!  Talk about a genius idea! Take a look:

Again, I have not used this yet but am already in love.  It is digital and goes up to 450 degrees.  The wands very in size so I do not have to buy a different curling wand if I want a different size. That is just awesome!  I will be using my tools very soon, and when I say soon, I mean today when I shampoo my own hair!  I will be using the curling wand to touch up Morgan (wig) and will definitely show you all the pictures once I am done.  The picture below is the case it comes in, which can be used over and over for storage.

Next, they also threw in some of their shampoo, conditioner, and oil serum.  I am also supposed to be receiving the blow dryer very soon.  They were out of them at the time but are now back in stock so I will be looking for that in the mail.  I can not wait to get started using everything I have.  I will be using them on myself and on my clients as well.

Stay tuned for all of the after pictures!  And to Theorie, thank you again for the opportunity!  I believe this is the beginning of something beautiful...

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