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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lovely Readers, I Need Your Help!

Hello to everyone reading this blog post!  First of all I would like to tell all of you thank you for continuing to read this blog.  When I first started doing a blog, I had no idea that as many people would read it that do.  For that, I am very grateful.  However, I need your help!  I need for all of my beautiful readers, yes all 256,864 of you to subscribe to the blog.  Subscribing does not cost you a dime, it is completely, 100% free!  Subscribing allows me to get a more accurate number on who is reading on a regular basis.  Many of you read the posts on a regular basis via Facebook or Pinterest but do not subscribe.  When you subscribe, you will not have to wait for the posts to go on Facebook or Pinterest.  Instead, they will go straight to your email inbox when a new post is available.  I do not always post new posts on Facebook and Pinterest so when you subscribe it will ensure that you always see the new post.  Also whenever I do a contest or giveaway, you have to be a subscriber to enter.  Only subscribers are eligible to win!

All you have to do to subscribe is put your email address in the space on the left hand side of the blog where it says "subscribe".  There is a space that says "enter your email address here".  Put your email address in the spot.  Once you enter your email address, it is going to email you asking you to verify that you do want to receive blog updates.  You MUST confirm and verify that it is ok to send you blog updates in order to be considered an active subscriber.  Many of you have put your email address in but have not confirmed.  The confirmation is sent immediately after you subscribe, so if you don't see it, it is probably in your spam.  And you do not have to worry about me sending you anything but blog posts!  I will not send you a bunch of junk mail (I strongly dislike junk mail myself!).  Again, thank you for reading and thank you in advance for subscribing!  To everyone that has already subscribed, thank you and you do not need to do anything further.  To everyone that thinks they have subscribed but have not received any blog posts, it is because you never confirmed that it was ok to send the blog posts so you will need to re-subscribe and be sure to confirm it this time.  Remember, it does not cost you anything, but it will help me out tremendously!

Thank you!!!



  1. Everytime I click in the box to put my email, it takes me to pinterest.

    1. Try clicking on the orang box (rss) or the icon that has an envelope on it (mail) and it will ask you to put your email in. Thanks for the tip!


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