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Sunday, December 29, 2013

How To Sew On A Full Wig

The picture below features my newest wig creation.  I call this one Morgan.  Don't ask me where I get these names from, most of them are randomly picked after I finish the entire wig.  Anyway, I was headed out and Morgan was not fitting as tight as I would have liked ( I was trying out a new wig base) so instead of taking a chance on her needing to be shifted or pulled on several times throughout the night, I decided to sew her completely down.  Here I will be giving you the steps to do the same if you ever find yourself in the same situation or you just want a little bit of extra security when wearing your wigs.

Step 1- Part a small section of hair (1 inch or less), going around the entire head.  Move all other hair out of the way. This should look like this.

Step 2- Braid the section of hair that you just parted. The smaller the braid, the less bulky it will look so try to get the braid pretty tiny.  Remember, these are your edges, don't braid to tight!
Tip: I am terrible at braiding my own hair!  If you are too its ok, just as long as it doesn't unravel you will be good!

Step 3: Wrap the rest of the hair and put on your wig cap, making sure to leave the braid exposed.

Step 4: Put the wig on and sew it onto the braid.

Disclaimer: I was in a rush getting ready so Morgan isn't placed exactly how I would have done it had I had more time.  I would have made the part a little deeper to the side, but I may do this when I do an actual video tutorial on this.  But you get the point, the wig was very secure!  And I did take it right back off the same night when I got back in by simply cutting the thread and taking the wig off. My hair was already wrapped so I just put my silk scarf back on and went to bed.  Also, if you don't have any edges, this option isn't for you, don't attempt this!

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