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Friday, December 20, 2013

How To Find The Perfect Hairstylist For YOU

I have gotten many emails from some of you asking me to refer you to a stylist in your area.  Unfortunately, I do not know many stylists in other states.  As a matter of fact, I don't know that many in my own area!  I know that's bad but other than a few stylists that I knew before I became one and the ones that I know from cosmetology school, I am not a good source for referrals.  I can however, give you a few tips on how to look for the perfect stylist for you.

  • Ask other women- If you see a woman whose hair you like, don't be afraid to ask her who did her hair and for that stylist's information.  Referrals are one of the top methods hairstylists use to get other clients.  Our current clients are walking billboards for us, so if you see someone's hair you like, you already know what that stylist's work looks like!  It might not hurt to ask someone whose hair you don't necessarily like for their stylist's info as well.  At least that way you also have a list of people that you know not to call.
  • Search the internet- If all else fails, go to Google.  I have had MANY clients referred to me this way.  Search for hairstylists in your area by typing what you are looking for (i.e natural hairstylist, healthy hairstylist, relaxed hairstylist, etc.)
  • Check for reviews- Once you find a hairstylist that sparks your interest, check for reviews on that person.  I give my clients the option to book online, and if they choose this option it also sends them a follow-up email asking them to review me.  Over time I have received many reviews so that anyone else who books online can see previous reviews from other clients.  I will admit, I do have a couple of negative reviews, and I do have the option to remove those if chose to.  But I know that I can't please everyone and I don't want to give any potential client a false view of who I really am.  Besides, for every bad review I have, I also have 100 more good ones!  If the stylist you are interested in doesn't have online reviews, search them on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to see if you can find any helpful information there.
  • Contact the stylist- Once you have found a stylist and checked their reviews, call, email, or text them to ask any questions or voice any concern you may have.  If you call, you can get a feel for them by their tone and how they speak to you.  Are they rushing you off the phone or are the welcoming?  Do they have an attitude and answering you with short answers or are the informative?  This will give you some insight on how they will be at your appointment as well.
  • Book a consultation- I personally limit my consultations to weave services only but there are a few people that call that just want me to look at their hair to determine if I can do the service to their hair that they are requesting.  If you have spoken with your potential hairstylist on the phone and are still on the fence about trying them or not, ask to book a consultation.  That way you can see them face to face and most people can tell right after the consultation whether they are comfortable with that stylist or not.  If you are still not feeling your potential stylist, continue your search.  Even when you find a stylist, it still takes going to them a few times before you know if they are a right fit for your or not.
Long time client who found me on the internet!

Finding the perfect stylist for you may take some time, especially if you are new to an area but don't get discouraged.  Once you find one that you like you will stay with that stylist for quite some time so just know there is someone out there just for you.  

For those of you who love your hairstylist, how did you find them?

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