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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Healthy Relaxed Hair

This client's hair is being prepped for a relaxer.  She has not had a touch up since August, which has been plenty of time.  To start off, I began by basing her scalp to protect it in the event that any relaxer got on her scalp. 

After applying the relaxer and rinsing it completely out, I also gave her a semi-permanent color (black) to cover up those few strands of gray that she had.  Listed below is a picture of her freshly relaxed edges.  As I was rinsing the relaxer out she told me that her hair felt so light! I couldn't do anything but chuckle.  All of my clients that get relaxers say that and I will admit that it is very true.  Freshly relaxed hair weighs so much less than lots of new growth.  It's like you can acutally feel the air on your scalp again.

Here is a picture of the final product.  I normally also do a trim at every relaxer service but I didn't this time because she just got one only a few weeks ago.  But as you can see, her hair is healthy, shiny, silky, and has lots of body.  She was very excited to feel her scalp again!
 To take care of her hair all she has to do is wrap it every night.  No need to apply heat, once unwrapped it will fall back into place.


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