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Monday, December 2, 2013

Get Moving Monday

Today I decided to end my four week hiatus of not being in the gym especially since I ate well over my fair share of banana pudding and pound cake over the Thanksgiving holiday.  So today, my hubby, little one, and I all went to the gym together.  My little one enjoyed being with the other kids as I endured an agonizing hour of boot camp.  Today I felt like my boot camp instructor structured today's class all around me!  Our "warm up" and I use that term loosely, invovled doing twelve lunging laps around the gym with weights.  This is how I prepared my hair for the gym.

Yes, you see that right.  I have my hair wrapped up like I'm going to bed.  And once I got back home I did not unwrap my hair.  Instead, I took my shower, changed clothes, and kept my hair wrapped for the remainder of the day.  If you sweat in your head, keeping your hair wrapped allows it to dry without swelling up.  I can truly say I did my fair share of sweating today, so much so that I didn't even feel the pain right away.  It wasn't until after I had been home for a while that slowly but surely the soreness started kicking in.  For all of you ladies that want to look cute while you are in the gym, I have no solutions for what you can do to not mess your hair up while working out.  For the rest of you I would suggest wrapping as your fail proof solution.  There are some of you who have also told me that your hair is basically soaking wet when you leave the gym due to your hair sweating so bad.  For you ladies I suggest pulling your hair up in a ponytail then putting a cotton scarf on to lay down your edges and roots.  The cotton from the scarf will soak up a lot of the sweat.  That way, once you get home, your edges and roots will still be straight so you will only need to take your ponytail down and blowdry the midshaft to the ends.  This will reduce your roots from swelling up and reduce the amount of overall heat you will have to put on it.

After that gruesome workout, I was starving so I grabbed a salad.  It was so good so I'm wondering exactly how many calories was in it...

Don't worry, the honey mustard dressing was low fat!  I'm going to try to take advantage of my Mondays by attempting to get fit.  I am not really doing it to only lose weight (although that would be an added bonus), but just to be a healthier person overall.

Having healthy hair starts from the inside.  When our bodies are healthy, it has a positive impact on our hair as well. What are you doing to get healthier?

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  1. Thanks for the post that salad looks YUMMY! I too have the problem of sweating profusely from my head. It’s bad…really bad. I have a short cut and limp hair. My hair barely holds curls. It’s a reason that I would use to keep from working out…but I can’t have excuses anymore. I will try your trick and see what happens. Thank you! If you have any other suggestions for someone with my hair type…just let me know!


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