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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yes! Relaxed Hair Can Be Healthy AND Long!

 So it seems as though I've been neglecting my relaxed hair posts lately!  And I definitely don't want to do that, especially when I myself am a happily relaxed haired girl.  It does seem as though I've been getting more and more silk press clients which is why I have so many pictures and posts related to that.  Nevertheless, I have not forgotten about you ladies with relaxers.  This client is more proof that yes, you can have healthy long hair and still have a relaxer.
 This is all of this clients hair, no weaves needed.  And the shine that is on her hair is due to using great products (Silk Hydration by L. Jones to be exact), not oil.  That's right, I didn't put one drop of oil on her hair to achieve this shine.
 Here are the products that were used on her hair:

 After this client was dry I curled her hair using the flat iron. Yes you read that right, a flat iron gave me these beautiful curls!  And it was much faster than using a regular marcel curling iron where I would have to wait for it to heat up, make sure it wasn't too hot, curl the hair, repeat. I don't have time for all of that!
To maintain this look she can roll it with the large flexi rods (the ones that bend) or she can wrap it to loosen up the curl.  This style, properly taken care of, should last about 7-10 days.

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