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Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Handle Color On Relaxer Free Hair

 This client came in today for the works.  She is relaxer free but did want to add some permanent color highlights to her hair.  She also wanted a silk press, hot oil treatment, and a darker color around her edges for grey coverage.  I'll take you through what I did and why, so lets get started.

 First, I did her hot oil treatment.  You may remember a post I did recently about hot oil treatments and why they are needed.  Her scalp is very itchy and dry, and from my professional opinion it is because of the change in seasons.  Anytime it goes from hot to cold, our skin as well as our scalp changes and often becomes dry due to the moisture in the air decreasing.  In the warmer months there is a lot of moisture in the air and in the cooler months, there is little to none so our hair needs a lot of extra moisture from products and our diet to make up for that.
 After the hot oil treatment I applied her color with foil highlights.  The color was customized specifically for her but is more of a dark blonde.  Any time you get color, it is not advisable to go more than three shades above your natural color because doing so increases the chances of your hair breaking.  Also, if you are not willing to see a professional on a regular basis, permanent color may not be the best option for you. Just like with a relaxer, it is possible to have healthy hair that is colored, but it must be properly taken care of.
 After the color processed, I then did a semi-permanent color on the hairline only because that is where she had a few pesky grey hairs.  Semi permanent color is very safe on the hair.  So much so that you can even apply it on the same day as a relaxer and you will not have any damage.  This is because semi-permament color does not have any ammonia in it to actually make the hair lighter.  It only deposits color which is why if you try to put a blonde rinse on your jet black hair, you will only be wasting your money because it will not show up at all!  I then shampooed her hair and conditioned with Silk Hydration by L. Jones line of products.  Next I blew her hair out, layered it then did the silk press.
She was very happy with her results which makes me very happy!  This last picture listed above is her hair only a few short months ago.  Her hair has grown a lot since then even with me cutting it!  To maintain her newly colored hair, she will always use moisturizing products on her hair to keep the color from drying out.  She will also come back and see me on a regular basis for maintenance.  At home she will wrap her hair nightly and only apply heat once per week or less.

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