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Friday, November 29, 2013

Full Sew In w/Versatility

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving!  I really enjoyed seeing my family and friends and I definitely enjoyed the black Friday shopping! I will be eating really good for the next few days... But you all know that I can't stay away from you for too long!
This client came in to get a full sew in.  This is her second one, she got hooked after getting a partial and now wants all of the benefits of having most of her hair up.  The only thing I left out was her edges and three fingers width in the top for her leave out.
The picture above is after I finished it and is showing how she can also pull it up into a high ponytail.  There was no heat or anything applied to it, but had I applied heat to her real hair you would see more clearly how it blends in seamlessly with the weave.  The hair she used came from my very own L. Jones Hair Collection.  One of the bundles used was from the previous sew in she had, since the hair is such good quality it can be used more than once.  She has Brazilian straight, 14 & 16inches and once done I simply curled it.
As you can see, even while the hair is messy you still can't see where her hair ends and the weave begins!  She can pull it up into a high ponytail, messy bun, low ponytail, or down.
She will treat this hair like she grew it out of her own scalp.  She can shampoo it and it will not tangle at all.  And of course if she uses Silk Hydration by L. Jones hair products on it, it will keep the hair extra soft and silky!

End result:  Soft, silky hair that looks natural and will last about three months.  She can roll the hair or wrap it to keep this style.  One other thing about this hair is that once the hair is curled, it basically has to be washed for the curls to fall out.  You can brush it or wrap it and the curls will still be in the hair.  They will just get looser and have lots of body in them, but they will still be there.

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  1. I love how you did my hair this time Toya. I am able to put it in more hairstyles too. Love the versatility!!!

  2. if you have natural hair can you do this full sew in with versatility?


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