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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Love Your Hair

Are you in love with your hair? Better question, are you extremely happy with your hair?  For most of us, the answer depends on when you ask.  Right now at this very moment as I write this post, my answer would be no because I am just about to shampoo it after this post is done but after I'm finished I may have a different answer for you.  If you have been wearing the same style for a while and are much less happy with it than you used to be then it's time to change it up.  Here are a few ways to love your hair again.

  1. Get your hair healthy!  Damaged hair is no fun, no matter how cute you think your style is.  Just having healthier hair can make even a basic straight down flat-ironed look go from a 1 to a 10.  Start by having your ends trimmed on a regular basis of every 10-12 weeks or about every three months.  Also, be sure to use great quality products (like Silk Hydration by L. Jones) instead of the cheapest thing you can find.  You will have to use more of the cheaper products more quickly so in the end you end up spending either the same or more than if you would have just gone for the better quality one that may cost a little more.
    Changing it up by adding some hair!
  2. Change up your style- When was the last time you tried something different with your hair? A nice cut (cut NOT trim) or a bit of color can be a great confidence booster.  If you don't want to go with something as permanent, try a different style like curls instead of straight, or add some hair (I love weave!).  Since it's getting a bit cold, I've starting pulling out my wigs again. If you are interested in weave though, be sure to get excellent quality hair (like from L. Jones Hair Collection).  Great hair does cost you a bit but you get lots of wear out of it and it looks extremely realistic.  If your money is looking funny, skip the weave altogether instead on getting cheap hair.
Just doing either of these things can help you spruce up your look and love your hair again.  Even small changes are noticeable so don't feel pressured into doing something you aren't quite comfortable with doing.  And if you are happy with your look, why change? Whatever works for you!

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  1. Great article! I was getting frustrated with my hair so I got it cut into a short pixie style. Now I feel polished, confident, and sexy, and hardly ever have a bad hair day!


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