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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Silk Press on Big Diva & Little Diva

Today I had the pleasure of doing a dynamic duo, a mother and her precious daughter.  They both came in to get a silk press.  I started by shampooing them both with Silk Hydration by L. Jones shampoo and then applied Silk Hydration by L. Jones intensive moisturizing treatment on them.  After rinsing I then applied Silk Hydration by L. Jones leave-in conditioner and began blow drying.


After I got the hair straight with the blow dryer I began pressing with my ceramic iron.  Remember, a silk press is just a fancy name which means to straighten natural hair without the pressing comb.  It gives the hair a silkier feel instead of the head being loaded with grease and sticking to the head resulting in hair that doesn't move no matter how hard to try to shake your head.

In order to take care of this she will simply wrap her hair every night with her silk scarf, or scarves, depending on how she sleeps.  And since she had a moisturizing treatment done she does not need to add oil to her hair.

Now on to the little diva! This little one is so darn cute I  just had to put her on the blog along with her mommy.  I took a before picture but I have no idea what happened to it! It's like it disappeared from my phone or something.  If anyone else has had this happen, please inform me on what is going on.  Anyway, her hair has a very pretty, loose wave pattern.  You know how when you wet a baby's hair to shampoo it and while its wet it looks so great? That's how her wave pattern is. Here are her after pictures.

Her hair was very easy to straighten.  Once I blow dried it the work was pretty much already done.  The ceramic iron wasn't even on 400 degrees and her hair still got this straight.

This little one also got her first trim today! Her mommy will only need to wrap her hair as well and she will be able to keep this hair straight until she wets it again.


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  1. Both clients' hair is beautiful.....


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