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Monday, October 7, 2013

Partial Sew-In That You Can Pull Up In A Ponytail

This client came in for a very special occation.  It was her wedding day!!! I was so excited to do her hair for her wedding because she has been a client of mine for a few years now.  She decided to get a partial sew in for her big day.  A partial sew in is when only about half of the hair is sewn in instead of all of the hair with maybe the exception of the edges and a minimum amount of leave out in the top.

I do my sew ins in such a way that you can pull them up in a ponytail and it will be undetectable to anyone who does not know you that you have a little extra hair in your head.
They can be pulled into high buns for fashion or can just be pulled up while you run errands or workout.  Whatever the reason, you have options.

Notice how you can't tell where the weave begins or ends? That is the whole point of having a sew in.  You should not be able to really tell if you have weave or not.  It should look very natural and realistic instead of being big and bulky.

side view
The pics above were taken right after the hair was sewn in and right before any heat had been put on the hair which is why the edges and back don't look very straight.  I had that part twisted up and pinned down out of my way so that I wouldn't braid that in with the rest of the sew in.  Only about an inch or so of her hair was left out on the edges and back.  From above her ear and up the rest is her own hair.  She had a bit of length so it blends well.  Now, on to the styling..

After flat ironing I put a little edge control on her edges to give it that sleek look.  I love edge control!

The hair this client's hair came from my very own line, L. Jones Hair Collection.  It is virgin Brazilian hair in 16 inches.  Since we only did a partial sew in, I only had to use one bundle of hair.  I could have used two but it wouldn't have given it an as natural look because the weave would have been thicker than her real hair. Remember, the goal is to have it as realistic looking as possible.

She came back in the next day to have her hair curled for the actual wedding.  Check out the pics..

For this look, I curled it with the wand and put a little holding spray on it.  Once finished, I sprayed some Silk Hydration by L. Jones Miracle Potion no9 on it which is an anti frizz and shine spray.  One good thing about the hair in my collection is that it holds curls really well.  She could brush this hair while curled and it will still not go completely straight.  Instead it will be more of a body wave look which is why I didn't have to use much hairspray.

Right now, this client and her new hubby are enjoying themselves on their honeymoon! Ahhh I remember my honeymoon days like it was yesterday.. Anyway, congrats to you Nicole and your gift still awaits when you return!


  1. these look real nice!!!!

  2. Very nice. I like that. Where are you location

  3. Where are you located. Would like to get my hair this.


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