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Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Moving Monday- My Workout Day

So my hunny bunny Mr. Jones decided to enroll the entire family in the Y.  Well, instead of letting our money go to waste and just "saying" we have a membership I decided that I didn't have any excuse to not work out now.  My main excuse before was that I didn't have time because on my off days I had my son with me.  Well the Y took care of that by having a child care facility available while the parents work out.
 So today I will be packing up my little one and heading to my class for the day: bootcamp!  This is actually my third time going, we've had the membership for three weeks now and I go to bootcamp once per week. I go to another class on Tuesdays, then the rest of the week other than Sunday I'm working and I'm not going to even lie to myself and pretend like I'm going to workout on a Sunday! My Sundays consist of church, eating, then relaxing the rest of the day, in that order!

Here in Alabama it's raining today so the thought did cross my mind to just stay in bed but it's only a 45 minute class.  It's really thirty minutes for me since childcare closes at 12:30 and the class starts at 12.

Anyway, here is what I do to my hair while working out for everyone that has been asking or wondering.  I leave my hair wrapped up, simple as that.  When I come home, I leave it wrapped instead of taking it down, then get in the shower and eat a light lunch.  I don't plan on going anywhere else today so I'll probably leave my hair wrapped until tomorrow. Plus, after bootcamp I really am in no condition to do much else other than come home! That's one thing about me working out, I don't like going but I would rather work out and have a little bit more wiggle room in my diet to eat more of the foods I love than to not work out and always be on a strict diet.

So, off to the Y I go! Join me by getting active today. Go to your gym, do something at home, or around your neighborhood and let me know how it went and what you did to your hair while working out.


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