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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Full Sew In (Relaxed Hair)

This client came in for a full transformation.  She wanted to go from short to long without waiting on her real hair to get to the length she wanted so she got the next best thing, a sew in!

This is also a versatile sew in which can be pulled up in a high ponytail or bun but I forgot to take pictures of that (sorry!).  Here are the after pics though of it all styled and done.  The hair came from my very own hair line (L. Jones Hair Collection) and is virgin Indian silky straight in 12 and 14 inch.

Once I was finished, I cut it in layers and simply curled it in the layers.  She will take care of this by wrapping it every night and it will last three months.  Technically, it can last longer but I do not advise it because the hair needs to be taken completely down and throughly cleansed.  Leaving it in longer could lead to the natural hair matting together which would be a disaster and more than likely have to be cut out.  And seeing as though the point of a sew in is to help your hair grow as well as enjoy the style of your choice, that would not make any sense at all.

Doing all of these sew ins is making me want to pull my wigs back out!  I think I will do just that, especially since its getting a little bit cooler now.. Hmmm we'll see. For now, I'll continue to live out my hair ambitions through my clients....

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