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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Twist Out On Natural Hair

Most of my natural clients come in to get a silk press done on their hair.  They want their natural hair straightened, mostly to see how long it has gotten and to get it trimmed.  Today one of my clients opted for a twist out instead of a silk press.

I started by shampooing and conditioning.
After rinsing the hair I applied some Nairobi foam wrap to the hair with a little gel and begin twisting the hair (see pics below).

After the hair dried I simply took the twists down.  Itis very important that the hair was 100% completely dried so that it would not frizz.  After taking the hair down this was the final result.

The only thing I did afterward it sprayed the hair with some Silk Hydration by L. Jones anti-frizz spray and also applied a little edge control around the edges to make them look smooth.  And voila!  The hardest thing about this style is letting it dry completly.  You have to be prepared to sit under the dryer for at least 2-3 hours.  Luckily for this client we chose to let her go home then come back the next day for me to take it down.  But for the average person they would have to sit and marinate under the dryer.

In order to keep this style up she can twist it back up at night or put a satin cap on it.  Twisting it back up will help it stay longer.



  1. What type of gel did you use on this set?

    1. It's the gel that I buy from my Nairobi supplier. Can't think of the exact name right now.

  2. What kind of edge Ctrl gel do you use? All the ones I have tried leave my hair gummy after.

    1. I use Hicks Transformations edge control


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