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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Relaxed Hair CAN Be Healthy Too!

I just love doing this client's hair.  She went from a short, layered bob to this.  She now enjoys her hair being long.  Her hair is relaxed and she goes about ten weeks in between relaxers.  I wil say this though, this client does not like to comb her hair so if she can grow her hair this long there is no reason why anyone else out there can't do it as well.

The only time she puts heat in it is when she comes to get it done.  While at home
she wraps her hair up at night and when she isn't going anywhere for the day.  The rules for caring for relaxed hair are really simple:

  1. Keep heat to a minimum of once per week or less
  2. Stretch your relaxers out to 10-12 weeks
  3. Wrap your hair every night.
That is pretty much it.  Doing these simple things will bring about very noticeable changes in the hair.  I do them all myself and have seen my hair grow several inches in one year.  I will post an update on my hair journey (which is loooooong overdue) very soon to show you all.

These pictures are proof that you can have long and healthy relaxed hair.  She maintains the health of her hair with very little effort at all.  Having healthy relaxed hair is not a myth nor is it hard to do.  I've been doing it for years and have never experienced any bad problems that were related to me having a relaxer.  If relaxed hair is what you want, don't be intimidated, go for it! Taking care of it is simple, but it does have to be taken care of. Neglect will lead to damage, healthy hair is always the goal!

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