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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Heat Bad For Your Hair?

These days women are very serious about having healthy hair.  One of the most frequently asked questions is if heat is bad for the hair.

Heat can be either good or bad for your hair.  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It's all in how you use it. I put heat in my hair once per week, sometimes every ten days and I have had no breakage or heat damage to my hair.  And I have also seen lots of growth!

Before you use it:
Before you even think about putting heat in your hair you would have to determine if your hair is healthy enough for it.  If your hair is already damaged, putting heat on it will do nothing but make it even worse that what it currently is.  Instead, you would want to get your hair back to 100% healthy before attempting to put heat in it.  Using heat on damaged hair would make heat become your worst enemy.  For damaged hair, I would recommend not using heat at all, instead get sets only.  And depending on how extensive the damage is, I would also skip the chemicals.

How to use it:
Now that you have assessed your hair to determine if you are ready for heat, you can now get ready to apply it to your hair.  The first thing to do is to keep your heating tool (curling iron, flat iron, or whatever you choose to use) on the lowest setting possible that still gives you results.  For thick hair I would start at 325-350 degrees.  This is what I keep my flat iron on most of the time.  I go six months in between relaxers and once I get to the five month mark I crank it up to about 400 degrees.  I never use 450 and would not suggest it ever for use on relaxed hair.  I would only suggest it on natural hair if the hair is very, very, very, VERY thick and coarse.  For normal hair, I would suggest using between 300-325 degrees.  And for fine hair, I would suggest using your heat tool at between 275-300.  If what you are using to style your hair doesn't allow you to change the temperature, purchase one that does.  You always want to be in control of how hot it gets, otherwise you don't know if the setting is too high or too low.

How to maintain your hair in between:
In between using heat on your hair, simply wrap it or roll it.  Try not to sleep with your hair unprotected because doing so can lead to premature split ends.  And don't put more heat on your hair or it will lead to heat damage.


  1. One off-topic question. Why do you always cut peoples hair in layers? I love full blunt ends and have been waiting to see how your silk products look on blunt and not layers but it seems like you always cut these fluffy layered hair styles.

    1. Either their hair was already layered or they asked for them.

  2. so glad to see you say this i try to advise my colleagues that ANYTHING (blowdrys relaxers color) in excess can be damaging. btw im a soon to be licensed stylist your blog is wonderful!

  3. glad to see this people have such bad perceptions about relaxers, im like if they're so bad why are you still providing the service ANYTHING in excess can be bad, btw im a soon to be licensed stylist your blog is a wonderland reference

  4. when thermal straightening finer natural hair at 325 how many times do you go over the hair?


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