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Monday, September 16, 2013

I Finally Have My Own Salon- L. Jones Salon

This is the moment that I dreamed about since the day I walked into cosmetology school.  I can't believe that it is finally here! I officially have my OWN salon!  I'm so happy right now that L. Jones Salon is official. Yesterday I had an open house so that all of my clients, friends, and family could come out and see the new location and enjoy some refreshments and each other's company.

My colors are hot pink, grey, and white in honor of the Silk Hydration by L. Jones product line.  Since those were the colors on my labels, I just took that and ran with it.

I can now display my products on my own shelves, and had all the
products on sale for 15% off for the open house only.

The official first day of business will be Wednesday Sept 18. And thanks to my awesome clients I'm almost already completely booked for the week!  My salon is nice and cozy with all my special touches added to it.  And since I have two days until I go to work I'm sure I'll find more things to add before then.

I may add more pics later but it was a looooooong day and I had a massive headache. As soon as it was over I came home and fell asleep with my clothes on, hair unwrapped, and still had my shades on!  I woke up about four hours later feeling much better though.  I want to thank everyone for your sweet messages and words of encouragement! It means a great deal to me.  I'm so very excited about what God is doing in my life and can't wait to see what else is in store for me!


  1. Congratulations!! The kids and I enjoyed ourselves, oh and the food was good too! Your shop is nice and cozy! See you Saturday!!

  2. Congrats! I wish I lived close by.

  3. Congratulations on the new salon! The next time I'm in Birmingham and I need my hair done I just may come by.

  4. Congrats Toya! I pray that your business continues to flourish.

  5. Congratulations! I so wish I could be a client of yours! Maybe one day you'll expand to California!

  6. Congrats, Mrs LaToya, positivity and faith will make you prosper..... Keep moving forward.


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