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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To Keep Your Rods/Spiral Set Looking Good

Let me just say this.. I HATE rods! On myself that is.  On other people I think they look beautiful.  This client in particular looked amazing when she left the salon.  Doing her hair gives me inspiration to do my own hair like that then I jump back into reality and remember that curls on me are a no go. Take a look at her pics.

In order to take care of this and keep it looking good
for the next 1-2 weeks she needs to take her satin cap and put it on making sure that all of the curls are inside the cap.  Even doing this she still does not need to lay directly on it or else the curls will still go flat.  She would still need to sleep in a way where her head does not touch the pillow.  This is also known as "sleeping cute".

You may be wondering what the purpose of the satin cap is if you still have to sleep cute.  Well the satin cap keeps the hair from getting frizzy as fast as it normally would.  Not wearing it would cause the hair to start frizzing within the week whereas wearing it every night would  make it last longer before the frizz sets in.

When taking showers you can still put on a shower cap over the satin cap but it is purely optional.  When I get rods, which is every third blue moon, I don't put on a shower cap.

I used some Silk Hydration Leave-In Conditioner on her hair while it was still wet in order to help keep the hair moisturized.  During the week she can use oil sheen as needed, but the hair will create its own oil so unless you have extremely dry hair (in which case you need to order Silk Hydration by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment) then you may probably need a little oil.

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