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Monday, September 23, 2013

Frequently Asked Hair Questions

Here are some FAQ's that everyone wants to know about.  I decided to put a list of articles together all on one page to make finding them easier.  Enjoy!

  1. How do I get my hair to grow longer? Click here & here for the answer.
  2. Are relaxers bad for the hair? Click here
  3. Can you have relaxed AND healthy hair? Click here for the answer.
  4. Is putting heat on the hair damaging? Click here
  5. How do I fight dry hair? Click here
  6. What should I do about my oily hair?  Click here
  7. What are some easy "bad hair day" styles? Click here
  8. What is a removable sew-in? Click here
  9. How do I keep my hair healthy? Click here and here
  10. Can you get forehead cancer from lace wigs? Click here
  11. Are relaxers supposed to burn? Click here
  12. What is a keratin treatment? Are they damaging to the hair? Click here
  13. How do I take care of my relaxed hair? Click here


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