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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Benefits of Relaxer Stretching

There are many benefits to relaxer stretching.  If you aren't used to stretching your relaxers at first, it will seem like the hardest thing in the world.  But, on the other hand once you get used to stretching them it will get much easier.  So, first I will tell you how to do it before I go into the benefits.

First, if you are used to getting your relaxers every six weeks, let me go ahead and remind you again that it will be hard for you!  If you are a six week girl, you have probably been getting your relaxers every six weeks for quite some time now.  So, it's safe to say that
you are very much used to the six week timeline.  The next time you get one move it back a week to seven weeks. Do the seven week touch up twice.

After going seven weeks twice, push it back one more week making it eight weeks. Once you reach eight weeks, you need to pat yourself on the back!  Going from six to eight weeks is a big deal but guess what? You can do it!  My suggestion would be to stay at eight weeks three times before moving up to nine weeks.  Then do the same with ten weeks and keep going in this manner until you reach your desired time frame. Ten to twelve weeks is excellent if you wish to stay there.  That puts you right at about every three months or four relaxers per year.  I stayed at this point for a very long time before increasing my stretch time.  I went from twelve weeks to sixteen weeks, then to eighteen weeks.  The next thing I know I was at twenty-four weeks. Now, six weeks seems like six days for me.  Once I get to the six week mark, my hair is still straight and I couldn't even imagine ever going six weeks in between relaxers.

Now on to the many benefits of relaxer stretching:

  1. Your hair grows faster- It is true that chemicals can make your hair weaker.  This, in turn, doesn't allow the hair to grow as fast as it would if you didn't have one.  This doesn't make relaxers a bad thing, you just have to know how to use them wisely.
  2. The risk of overlapping drastically decreases- Allowing your relaxer to grow out more means that you actually have more hair to relax when it's time.  That way, your chances of overlapping are decreased, therefore your chances of damage are also decreased.
  3. Your hair becomes healthier- A lot of women with relaxers experience breakage and damage due to they are getting them way to frequently. This is the wrong way to handle relaxers and why they get so much negativity.  They can be great if used correctly but doing them yourself or getting them too often is a big no no.  Stretching out your relaxer allows your hair to grow out safely and healthier.
  4. Confidence booster- Being able to say, and actually do it, that you stretch your relaxers out past ten weeks really does boost your confidence.  It says that you are not a slave to your relaxers or your hair and you have complete control of it.  It also says if you can conquer that, you can conquer anything.
Many women complain that once its time to get their relaxer that their hair starts breaking.  This happens because the line of demarcation, or the line where your relaxed hair meets your unrelaxed hair, is weak.  This is the point were it starts to break more.  My advice would be to treat your hair very gently as you get closer to your touch up mark.  Get your moisturizing and reconstructive treatments to keep your hair strong.  As you continue to stretch the out, you will see less breakage.  

Remember, the main thing you want is for your hair to be as healthy as possible.  Stretching your relaxers is a part of that.  This is the key to having relaxers and still having healthy, long hair.

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